Fishing by boat

Experience the wilderness

With us, you will find nature all around you. Sara’s Bed & Breakfast is located in Ljungandalen - close to forests, lakes, ponds and rapids. Together with local experts, we can offer hunting and fishing experiences for both large and small groups.

There is a host of wildlife here. Forest birds, hares, beavers and moose are the most common, but there are also bears, lynx, wolverine and wolves.

There are 21 fishing spots in the area, all within a variety of lakes, ponds, rapids and streams that are abundant in fish. We claim that we are sitting on a treasure here. There is plenty of water with trout, perch and pike - it is not uncommon for you to catch a pike around 10kg.

We adapt your experience according to your personal preferences - the important thing is that it will be an experience that lives long in the memory.

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Catching bass
Resting after a day in the forest